A+ block bored to 1380, Powermax pistons, Stage 4 head, Rimflow valves, double valve springs, 1:5:1 full roller rockers, Kent 276 camshaft, Kent lightened vernier duplex timing gear, modified HIF44 carburetor, ported/knife-edged, ported MG Metro inlet with water way removed, ITG stub stack air filter, Radtec extreme radiator, Revotec electric fan, electronic distributor, ported specialist components LCB manifold, 2-inch twin box exhaust modified to fit tighter in tunnel, Radtec extreme radiator, Revotec electric fan, Brise alternator
Standard reconditioned gearbox, Mini Spares X-pin diff, 2.9:1 crown wheel & pinion, lightened Verto clutch and flywheel
Gaz coilovers (front), Minisport aluminium drive flanges, rear beam axle cut for exhaust clearance, Protech coilovers (rear), KAD aluminium rear arms, Specialist Components aluminium rear hubs. lightened 4-bolt subframe tied to rollcage, adjustable tie bars and bottom arms, Force Racing titanium top arms extended for an improved coilover angle, KAD 4-pot calipers, 8.2-inch vented/drilled/grooved discs, Minifin alloy rear drums, Goodridge brake lines, OBP hydraulic handbrake, Wilwood dual bias aluminium pedal box
Force Racing ST2 10×6-inch alloys, Yokohama A032-R 165/70R10 soft compound tires
Status Motor Company Mini Minus body shell, Arc Angels GRP doors, boot and bonnet, tubbed arches, bolt-in polycarbonate windows, Curley carbon arches, P700 style headlamps, Innocenti rear lamps, small carbon F1 mirrors, Innocenti grill
Nickson Motorsport rollcage tied to front & rear suspension, pedal box and existing steel inside the shell and seat mounts, TRS 3-inch harnesses, Sparco Sprint seats, custom switch box behind gear lever, KOSO-RX2N digital dash, wiring loom hidden under wing, OMP steering wheel, NRG snap-off boss, DSN door handles, DSN door hinges, KAD internal gear linkage


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