Max Power: 367hp @ 10,680rpm, Max Torque: 268Nm @ 7,970rpm, Redline: 11,600rpm, Curb Weight: 1,200kg (-30kg from stock ZN6/ZC6), Weight Distribution: 54% front, 46% rear (56% front/44% rear stock)
Synergy 2.4L V8, engine block machined from 6061-T6 billet of aluminium, compartmentalised dry sump system, 5-stage rotor scavenge pump, bumper-mounted oil tank, flat-plane billet crankshaft with full counterweight & nitride finish, forged vacuum refined 4340 steel H-section connecting rods, ARP bolts, forged pistons, Kawasaki ZX12R aluminium heads, 8x 46mm throttle bodies, electronic throttle motor, 8x velocity stacks in carbon fiber air box, MoTeC M150 engine management system integrated into standard car’s control including ABS & steering computers via CANBUS, electric water pump
Synergy V8 rear engine plate to suit stock 6-speed transmission, Sard Torsen Racing diff with 5.2 final
Suspension & Brakes
Zeal adjustable race suspension, Endless 6-pot monobloc calipers & 2-piece slotted rotors (front), Endless 2-pot monoblock calipers & slotted rotors (rear), Endless brake pads, Endless stainless steel hoses, Endless brake fluid
Wheels & Tyres
Advan Racing GT 18×9.5-inch, Yokohama Advan A050 265/35R18 (front & rear)
JUN front carbon lip spoiler, Valenti headlights, ings carbon bonnet, JUN carbon side skirts, JUN carbon rear finishers, ings carbon rear wing, Valenti taillights
Bride racing bucket seats, RH9 racing harness, audio-delete, Synergy RPM counter with 13,000rpm scale


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