Garage Life FC RX-7 Spec
Garage Life Formula drift spec 6 pt cage 1.5 0.95 wall DOM
Garage life 13b custom half bridgeport studded race engine
650whp@17psi tuned by Crazyqbn
Flex fuel e85 ethanol
Rotary Lab usa custom engine machining
Garage Life custom made downpipe and full 3″ vband exhaust
Garage Life custom -4an oil feed line
Garage Life custom -10an oil return
Garage Life custom super angle knuckles
Garage Life custom gt wing Garage Life custom engine harness
GPsports tierods
Rotary Aviation Super seals w/race springs
Rotary Aviation O-ring kit
Rotary-works titanium oversized studs
Rotary-works turbo manifold
Microtech efi lt12s
Microtech efi x6 ignition box
Microtech efi race dash unit
MSD spark plug wires
Rc Engineering 1000cc primary injectors [low imp.]
Rc Engineering custom 2200cc secondary injectors [low imp.]
Godspeed Project radiator
Godspeed project intercooler
Godspeed project gt40 t4 undivided oil cooled turbo
Godspeed project RS series 44mm wastegate
Godspeed project boost controller
Godspeed project hydro ebrake v2
Godspeed project v2 mono rs coilovers
Godspeed project catch can
Sparco pro2000 fia bucket seat
Gforce fia 5 pt harness
Walbro 450lph ethanol/alcohol rated fuel pump
Aeromotive A-1000 Fuel pressure regulator
Vis racing bsport aero and wide fenders
Option lab 18″wheels Sonicmotor oil pressure, coolant temp, oil pressure gauges
Sonicmotor deep dish steering wheel
Ford Taurus high cfm efan
SS braided -10an oil cooler lines


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