1987 Toyota Trueno GT Apex (AE86)
Toyota 4A-GE 1.6L DOHC 16-valve inline-four, late AE92 7-rib block, 12.5:1 compression, polished/gas flowed big port head, HKS 264-deg in/272-deg ex camshafts, HKS adjustable cam pullies, HKS timing belt, ARP main/rod/head bolts, ARP head studs, TRD 0.8mm head gasket, Wossner 82mm high-compression forged pistons, AE101 oil pump, Techno Pro Spirit water pump, Jubiride aluminium pullies, RC 440cc injectors, Walbro fuel pump, AE101 4A-GE 20V quad throttle bodies, T3 adapter plate, Tec-Arts throttle body stacks, Power Craft Tornado exhaust header, MSD coil, Koyo radiator, Run Free radiator cap, Trust GREX oil filter relocator, Trust GREX oil cooler kit, Omex 600 engine management system, Rein Hard exhaust
Factory AE86 T50 5-speed gearbox, Techno Pro Spirit 3.8kg flywheel, Exedy paddle clutch, TRD 2-way limited slip differential, 4.778 crown wheel & pinion, solid pinion spacer
Custom coilovers with TRD Black damper inserts, Cusco 8kg springs, Cusco adjustable camber plates, Revolver roll centre adjusters, SP Tec lower control arms, Grp4 adjustable tension rods, TNB strut brace, manual steering rack with inner rod spacers, power steering type knuckles (front), AVO coilovers, AVO springs, Grp4 traction brackets, Grp4 adjustable rose-joined 4-link bars, Grp4 adjustable rose jointed panhard bar, Runfree panhard rod brace, Cusco strut brace, Largus anti-roll bar (rear), Jubiride 4-point upper rear brace, Jubiride 3-point lower rear brace, Nagisa Auto gacchiri support brace, Nagisa Auto shakitto brace, Mazda FD3S RX-7 4-pot callipers, 288mm rotors, Endless pads (front), factory AE86 rear callipers/rotors, Project Mu pads (rear), Cusco brake stopper, stainless steel braided brake lines
RS Watanabe 15×9.5J -19 wheels, 195/50R15 Toyo tyres (front), RS Watanabe 15×10.5J -32 wheels, 205/50R15 Nexen tyres (rear), RS Watanabe wheel studs, RS Watanabe valve caps
Goodline Ground Effect front bumper, Goodline Ground Effect bonnet, Run Free side skirts, Run Free rear bumper, FRP hatch with intergated TRD N2 wing, East Bear Type 1 mirrors, custom metal extended arches, resprayed in Ferrari Red Corsa 322

Funky Carrot 6-point roll cage, Bride Zeta driver’s seat, modified Bride driver’s seat rail, Bride Ergo passengers seat, Bride floor mats, Nardi steering wheel, TRD Duracon gear knob, 10,000rpm tachometer


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